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DMT ADELUXE Deluxe Kit Aligner Guided Diamond Sharpener ADELUXE

DMD Sharpeners

The DMT ADELUXE Deluxe Kit Aligner Guided Diamond Sharpener System. The ADELUXE Aligner is a fast, accurate and professional knife sharpening system. The durable diamonds are permanently bonded in nickel to precision lapped steel, and a unique polka-dot pattern with recesses to collect metal fines and speed sharpening provide consistency in performance time after time so you're always sure of the result! DMT products remain flat, never dish, hollow or crack assuring long life and lasting value.

This sharpening system features 7 angle choices to match any bevel. Step through grits fast with the easy release cam-lock on stone holder. The interchangeable stone holder, stones and accessories work with other brands of knife clamps too!


Aligner Stone Holder & Knife Clamp
Blue - Course Stone (325 mesh, 45 micron)
Red - Fine Stone (600 mesh, 25 micron)
Green - Extra Fine (1200 mesh, 9 micron)
Serrated Knife Sharper Rod
Blue Storage Pouch
Instructions Included

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