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Kai Pure ABS0900 Komachi II HD 9-Piece Knife Set with Clear Knife Block

Kai USA Shun

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Kai/Shun Pure Komachi 2 II 9 Piece Knife Set w/ Clear Knife Block Set.The ABS0900 has Vibrant monochromatic colors that make the Pure Komachi 2 series a striking addition to your kitchen; but our deceptively playful colors serve a no-nonsense purpose.  The high-carbon stainless steel blade provides a razor-sharp edge, while the color-coding makes it easy to choose the right knife for the job.  The variety of colors help guard against cross-contamination of your food, making it easy to remember which blade you used on your meat and which knife was for vegetables.

The bold blade color is achieved by bonding liquid coating to stainless steel blades.  This food-safe coating resists corrosion, makes cleaning simple and helps the knife glide through food with ease.  The Pure Komachi 2 color-matched handles are lightweight and contoured for a comfortable, remarkably nimble performance.  Incredibly sharp and distinctly attention-getting, Pure Komachi 2 knives make a delightful addition to any kitchen.

Set Includes:

  • (1) 8″ Chef’s Knife
  • (1) 8″ Bread Knife
  • (1) 6.5" Santoku Knife
  • (1) 6″ Multi-utility Knife
  • (1) 4″ Tomato Knife
  • (1) 3.5″ Paring Knife
  • (1) 6" Sandwich Knife
  • (1) 4" Citrus Knife
  • (1) Clear Block Holder

• Blade coating is food safe, helps food release from the blade and resists corrosion
• Hand-sharpened on a whetstone and hand-finished on a Japanese leather honing wheel
• Sharp 16° cutting angle
• Comfortable, soft-grip, lightweight handles
• Color-coding helps guard against cross-contamination of food
• Made in China
• 5-Year Warranty

Care Instructions:
Wash the blade and wipe dry after each use
Handwashing and drying are recommended
Do not cut frozen food with these knives
Do not use scouring pads, steel, or gritty cleansers; it may damage the colorful coating
Stores in clear knife block

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