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Cold Steel CS60SKL Konjo Fixed Blade Knife Bud Nealy San Mai Blade

Cold Steel

Sold out.

This Rare and Discontinued Cold Steel 60SKL Konjo is Japanese styled knife. Inspired by custom knife maker Bud Nealy in the late 1980's,  (first popularized by Cold Steel®) comes with a “long sword point” that's particularly for slashing. The Konjo is precision ground out of VG-1 San Mai III® steel and vacuum heat-treated and sub zero quenched for maximum strength, toughness, and edge retention. The knife is ground to a thin perforated tapered tang. This feature, though costly, dramatically improves the knife's balance and reduces its overall weight without sacrificing strength where it's most needed. New in Box

Bolsters are highly polished nickel silver bolsters designed to emulate the Habaki (blade collar) on a Japanese sword.

Handle: The grip scales are made of highly polished black linen micarta. These have been hand fitted and permanently attached to the tang by epoxy and custom "star" bolts.

Sheath: The Konjos™ come complete with a sturdy, rich looking sheath that includes a distinctive, decorative inlay of black same (ray skin).

Blade: 5"
Overall: 9 1/4"
Thick: 4mm
VG-1 San Mai III® steel
Weight: 6.6oz.


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