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Here are a few guidelines that will enhance the value of your collection.

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1. Always try to buy knives in mint or in near mint condition. These will stand a better chance of increasing in value as times and the market changes.
2. Never sharpen a knife in your collection. This will decrease the value of your knives. Untouched is best
3. Keep all COA's (certificate of authenticity) boxes and papers with your knives. Sometimes the packaging is as valuable as the knife. Keep good records so you know where, when, and how much you paid for each piece.
4. Don't try to collect everything it can be costly and near impossible. Be open minded and do research for the features and benefits of what you like. Some advise to concentrate on a certain brand, pattern, material, specific period custom mid-tech or factory produced. Our thoughts are to collect what you love. If your collecting for an investment it's best to leave your emotions out of the equation. If you love the knife before you buy it your judgement could be impaired. 
5. Handling your knives as little as possible. The natural oils and acids on your hands will cause blades to tarnish or rust. Rubber gloves can be a great addition not to mention handling your knives increases the risk of dropping them and cracking a handle or damaging a blade. We recommend using a product such as Renaissance micro-crystalline wax polish.  
6. Keep your knives polished and wiped down with a light oil and store in a dry place. If you live in a humid climate make sure to store your knives with an anti-humidity product such as Damp Rid.
7. Purchasing your knives from a reputable dealer like Razor Sharp Unlimited. You can purchase from us online or visit our retail location and have the assurance that what you are purchasing is backed by our company polices and warranties. 
8. Educate yourself so that you don't end up collecting what you thought was an original piece only to find out it's a copy. Educate yourself on packaging, counterfeiters often times counterfeit the packaging also. What do you know about the maker, or the factory. Invest in guide books or do your online research. 

Written by Kim Wilson — July 19, 2018

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