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Tip 1: HANDWASH. Please don't put Shuns in the dishwasher. The washer jets shift items around, banging them against each other and dulling your razor-sharp blade. Washers can also prematurely dull the shine on both blade and handle. Handwashing with gentle dish soap is all you need. Don't use soaps with citrus extracts or bleach; they can promote corrosion. Some cooks don't even use soap, cleaning their knives solely with pure water.

Tip 2: DRY THOROUGHLY. If moisture is left on the blade's cutting edge, micro-corrosion can occur, which can result in tiny chips or missing pieces in your knife’s cutting edge. If moisture is left on the edge repeatedly, even normal use in the kitchen can result in small chips in the weakened sections of the edge. To guard against this, dry your knife thoroughly with an absorbent cloth or towel, making sure to include the sharp cutting edge. Take extra care to keep your fingers away from the edge as you dry.

Tip 3: STORE SAFELY. After you have washed and dried your knives, store them in a block, knife case, in-drawer tray, or sheath. We do not recommend storing the knives unsheathed in a drawer, as this can be a hazard to the blades as well as your fingers.

Written by David Zaratzian — July 10, 2018

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