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Shun's advanced steel enables us to make a cutting edge that's hard, thin, and razor-sharp. But to maintain Shun's high-performance cutting without damaging that thinner edge, it takes a little extra care and practiced technique. See three easy tips below for ways to ensure your Shun keeps its razor edge in the very best shape for the very best cutting. 

Tip 1: DON'T CHOP. Even though you see some TV chefs banging away with their knife as if it were a hammer, that's not the right way to handle a Shun. Our harder steel enables us to make a sharper edge for easier cutting. This also means the steel is less flexible than "softer," cheaper steel; if it is hammered against the cutting board, it will tend to be damaged rather than bending. What's the solution? See Tip #2.

Tip 2: DO SLICE. Cutting's easier when you slice. Instead of hammering your chef's knife through food, use a "locomotive" motion to push the knife forward and down as you slice, then pull the knife back towards you, setting up for the next slice. With this simple technique, you'll glide through your cutting tasks so quickly and easily it will suprise you how sharp these knives really are.

Tip 3: DO USE A SOFT CUTTING BOARD. Marble, granite, or glass are a no-no. Why? When the thin, hard edge of the Shun meets the hard, unforgiving surface of the cutting board, you're almost guaranteed to damage your edge. Instead, choose a cutting board with "give" like hinoki wood or polypropylene. A softer surface allows the razor-sharp edge to cut into the board, the better to preserve your edge. 

Written by David Zaratzian — July 03, 2018

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